Ilkley Road Methodist Church at Riddlesden
Ilkley Road Methodist Church             at Riddlesden

There are a numer of hardy souls who set off each Easter Monday on a hike. There is an easy route and a hard route but all routes end in tea!

If you are even more foolish - sorry, energetic, you can join the rambling club on the first sunday of most months when they tackle a variety of routes in the local area.

Every year in February a large number of our church members plus guests decamp to Blackpool and take over a hotel for the weekend. Some hotels have started to close at this time of year but I am assured it has nothing to do with us. There is much singing and acting and worhipping and having fun going on ( someone did mention fishnet tights but I'm sure I must have misheard).



About Us

Ilkly Road Methodist Church has been on its present site since 1853 and combines the worship communitees of the Primitive Methodist Church at Barleycote Lane and the Wesleyan Methodists of Ilkley Road.

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